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RE: Red Baron Arcade [NPUB30030] - ps0ne - 06-14-2014

skip pamf enabled otherwise crashes.

RE: Red Baron Arcade [NPUB30030] - ps0ne - 09-01-2015

new log, more happen im sure in menu, but black screen and no audio.
Game process sys_spu: sys_spu_thread_write_spu_mb for a long time so i stopped it.

RE: Red Baron Arcade [NPUB30030] - ps0ne - 01-08-2016

Ogl , write color buffer

LLE cellsre, spujq, Cellsail, maybe some lle still lacking

screen with engine and propeller whrirling

RE: Red Baron Arcade [NPUB30030] - BlackDaemon - 01-10-2016

Tested on recent master build. Shows loading screen, and stuck on cellSail. Unfortunately Sail LLE'd doesn't help.
E {PPU Thread[0x1] (main_thread)[0x008d16a0]} cellSail TODO: cellSailFutureInitialize(pSelf=*0xd001ec48)
E {PPU Thread[0x1] (main_thread)[0x008d15e0]} cellSail TODO: cellSailFutureGet(pSelf=*0xd001ec48, timeout=0, result=*0xd001ec30)
E {PPU Thread[0x1] (main_thread)[0x008d1760]} cellSail TODO: cellSailFutureFinalize(pSelf=*0xd001ec48)
E {PPU Thread[0x1] (main_thread)[0x008d1840]} cellSail TODO: cellSailPlayerCreateDescriptor(pSelf=*0xbcb6d0, streamType=2, pMediaInfo=*0x0, pUri=*0xd001efe0, ppDesc=**0xbcccd4)
E {PPU Thread[0x2] (Callback Thread)[0x008d1780]} cellSail TODO: cellSailFutureSet(pSelf=*0x0, result=0)
E {PPU Thread[0x2] (Callback Thread)[0x008d1640]} cellSail: cellSailPlayerReplaceEventHandler
E {PPU Thread[0x1] (main_thread)[0x008d1840]} cellSail: Unhandled stream type: 2
E {PPU Thread[0x1] (main_thread)[0x008d17c0]} cellSail: cellSailDescriptorOpen
E {PPU Thread[0x1] (main_thread)[0x008d1820]} cellSail: cellSailDescriptorGetStreamType
E {PPU Thread[0x1] (main_thread)[0x008d1460]} cellSail: Unhandled stream type: 2
E {PPU Thread[0x1] (main_thread)[0x008d1980]} Exception: Access violation reading location 0x80bcbc6d
(in file ..\Utilities\Thread.cpp:1134, in function throw_access_violation)

Red Baron Arcade [NPUB30030] - FlareXi - 10-08-2017

Version Rpcs3 RPCS3 v0.0.3-3-cc594ad Alpha | HEAD

Config Video Open Gl Slower-Vulkan Faster

ON Invalidate cache Every Frame

ON Use Gpu Texture Scaling

Aspect Ratio 16:9-Frame Limit Off

Firmware Setting Load liblv2.sprx only

PPU Decoder Recompiler LLVM+Fast

SPU Decoder Recompiler ASMJIT

Spu Threads Auto-ON Spu loop Dectection

Log https://pastebin.com/hFN2rxWv

End of Logo stuck

RE: Red Baron Arcade [NPUB30030] - Asinine - 10-13-2017

RPCS3 v0.0.3-3-bb398c4 Alpha

You MUST LLE Libvdec.sprx or it will go to a black screen after an intro scene.
[Image: 5af3a97631.jpg]
[Image: 22e9bc3dc4.jpg]
[Image: 4c80b8f1fe.jpg]