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RE: pac not found - hkrider - 04-06-2014

wwe 2k14's log is filled with the error startup.pac is not found! The pac was in the folder but i dont know why it wont find it? Can anyone help me with this? thanks

here is the log,


RE: pac not found - ssshadow - 04-06-2014

Use the VFS manager and force the game to find it... Or easier, actually place the game, and that file, in


Where /dev_hdd0/ is next to rpcs3.exe. I would guess you have the game in some other folder on your computer, or there is perhaps a PS3_game folder somewhere in the path to the file...

RE: pac not found - hkrider - 04-06-2014

what path should i put in the vfs manager? because it wont work even if the game itself was in the dev hdd0/game folder