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RE: Fat Princess [NPUA80139] - digitaldude - 12-27-2017


Playable. Trees are not pink but grass remains pink.

RE: Fat Princess [NPUA80139] - tchoutchou - 01-04-2018

On Linux, PPU Decoder: Interpreter (fast) and SPU on Recompiler. With PPU on Recompiler: it gave an error, but after putting it on interpreter, launching the game, then putting it back to recompiler: it works (maybe I should have cleared the LLVM cache).
More stable with OpenGl, and the pink grass is now green Smile .


RE: Fat Princess [NPUA80139] - zekesonxx - 01-20-2018

RPCS3 v0.0.4-6345-f908daf32 Alpha | master

Booting the game directly now works, no manually selecting GAME.self needed.

Trees and grass are still pink, even on the OpenGL renderer.

RE: Fat Princess [NPUA80139] - Emubench - 01-21-2018

Hey, i'm back after some personal issues. I had an account on the old forum.
I am not seeing the graphic glitches using vulcan renderer, maybe try with that, video: