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RE: Bomberman Ultra [NPUB30051] - morcy - 04-07-2017

Bomberman Ultra
RPCS3 v0.0.2-5-69df5bf Alpha

perfect and playable even on my old cpu
Best results on Vulkan
i5 750
gtx 970
8g ram
w7 x64

RE: Bomberman Ultra [NPUB30051] - Ani - 04-13-2017

Missing log.

RE: Bomberman Ultra [NPUB30051] - g.cassy - 04-14-2017

One of the best games on RPCS3. I used to play a lot in it. Now I am looking for a platform to buy. Can you recommend me a place where could I buy consoles?

RE: Bomberman Ultra [NPUB30051] - Yagami Light9 - 05-22-2017

RE: Bomberman Ultra [NPUB30051] - josivan88 - 10-10-2017

No longer works since 0.0.3-6353

RE: Bomberman Ultra [NPUB30051] - F0rZ3r0 - 10-12-2017


RE: Bomberman Ultra [NPUB30051] - poweralpha - 10-12-2017

The game is not really working. Why do the codes get corrupted day by day?

RE: Bomberman Ultra [NPUB30051] - Ani - 10-13-2017

What "codes"?

RE: Bomberman Ultra [NPUB30051] - Chafifou - 11-06-2017

Work FINE !!! 

on final release 0.0.3-3-6782b22 Alpha

config : https://imgur.com/SZmpGPQ & https://imgur.com/Cnthv45

no pain no gain ! kiss all  Heart

RE: Bomberman Ultra [NPUB30051] - driverinla - 11-08-2017

It is not working on 0.0.3-3-6782b22 Alpha
0.15fps black screen

Bunch of errors

E {rsx::thread} RSX: Unknown/illegal instruction: 0x5c (forced unit 0)