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PES 2018 (Winning Eleven 2018) [BLAS57001]
The game is originally not in the compatible list. I have added it on gametdb.

Using rpcs3-v0.0.6-8330-4c2fb54b_win64

Very laggy (although I use i3-8100, but some other games are quite smooth). Sometimes will have random crashes.


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Correct title is "Pro Evolution Soccer 2018"
(07-12-2019, 04:39 AM)Ani Wrote: Correct title is "Pro Evolution Soccer 2018"

It depends. PS Store and Konami officially used something like "PES 2018 (Winning Eleven 2018)" for Asia region. But in the PlayStation it displays "PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018".

I have checked the guideline before posting. Seems this game (or this series) is a special case (i.e. Name of the game in the PS store and official promotion material is different from the title displayed in PS).
I am okay to stick with the one displayed in the PlayStation system if it is needed.
Winning Eleven 2018 is added as a secondary title on the compatibility list
The primary title is just "Pro Evolution Soccer 2018"

Just look for Winning Eleven 2018 on the Compatibility List
I think we have some miscommunication. I just want to say that there are 3 different official names for this game in 5 regions.

Japan: Winning Eleven 2018
Europe, America: Pro Evolution Soccer 2018
Asia, Korea: “PES 2018 (Winning Eleven 2018)”

The name in the brackets (including the brackets) is a part of the game name.

The game name can be found at the official Taiwanese game rating website:
https://www.gamerating.org.tw/search_game.php (Need to search with the name)

In the official website, the game name is differently handled in the Asian region. https://www.konami.com/wepes/2018/as/zh-tw

I have checked the guideline before posting. Just providing more information for picking the name really needed.
Interesting, they mix both Western and Japanese names on Asia/Korea, wasn't aware
The thread name can stay like this then

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