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Full Version: 4:3 games internal scaling (on arcade CRT monitor)
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I own an arcade with a CRT monitor, and I love RPCS3 because it supports 4:3 games.

However, I have a slight problem, and that is that not all games fit well to the screen area (using the emulator with desktop resolution of 640x480):

- This is an example of a game that fits perfectly (Sega Rally Online Arcade)

[Image: sega-rally.jpg]

- This is an example of a game with some horizontal overscan on both sides (Super Street Fighter II HD Remix)

[Image: ssf-II-hd-remix.jpg]

- And this is an example with quite a bit of overscan, both horizontally and vertically (Virtua fighter V)

[Image: virtua-fighter.jpg]

The question I wanted to pass on to you, is if there is any internal scaling option that allows me to always adjust the playing area to the limits of the screen.

Thanks in advance. Best regards.
Hi. No replies? Can any developer help me? Thanks.