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Full Version: FSR on actual PS3 hardware?
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I might need to try contacting the RPCS3 devs directly for this but before proceeding with my idea any further I'd like to know if anyone has looked into, or knows the answer as to if AMDs FSR could be back ported to PS3 hardware itself at least in the sense of being able to upscale PSX\PS2\PSP titles. I don't expect FSR to be viable for PS3 titles on PS3 hardware but it sure would be awesome to not have to look at so much of a pixelated mess with PSX titles on a 50" TV heh. Initially I'm thinking if FSR is possible on PS3 hardware it would need to run through the netemu emulation the PS3 already has and due to the very limited amount of data FSR would have to work with PSX\PS2 titles would be best limited to a maximum reconstructed resolution of 720p and PS2 titles 1080p.
FSR 1 is a purely spatial technique, so you can apply it to a video output, it's technically possible if you capture your PS3's video output and apply the FSR 1.0.2 pass.

A quick way of doing this that I can think of right now is to play your capture card's output in real time though mpv while using a config that has FSR upscaling such as https://gist.github.com/agyild/82219c545...65ce0b0ce5.