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Full Version: Demon soul's not getting enough framerate (pc with bad specs?)
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hello guys of this beatiful forum! ! i need some help figuring out why my pc is not able to run demon's souls at a stable 30 fps framerate
my specs are as follows: i5 4460,nvidia gtx 1080,8gb ram 1600 mhz
i've found some videos online where the game run flawlessly without any frame drops,also before the recent updates the game was working really well!
the drops are really heavy when items like boxes and jars get destroyed,can someone please help me? I didn't mess with any settings( I do not have enough knowledge of them so i don't want to do something wrong ahahah)so maybe if I change something,things could get better?
thank for everyone that will reply  Heart
Missing log file but your CPU is very weak, so issues are to be expected

Set Advanced > Max SPURS Threads 4 and see if it works, otherwise upgrade your CPU