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Full Version: NBA Jam - 2 player keyboard strange behavior
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Hello - 

I am trying to get NBA Jam On Fire Edition up and running on my arcade cabinet. I am using an iPac2 which turns my arcade button into keys on keyboard. So I went through the custom controller configuration for 1 and 2 player to be the keyboard and configured each of the buttons. This seems to work great. But when I get to playing a 2 player game it seems that the game/emulator seems to get confused with simultaneous button presses and a key will become stuck. For instance my player 1 player will get stuck moving to the right on the screen even when I am not pushing the right key down. 

So, is this not a good use case? That is, is using the keyboard setup for a 2 player game too much input for the emulator to handle? Or is there a different input I should be using for this scenario. 

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can provide.