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Full Version: Can only choose internal graphics card in GPU settings under Vulkan
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I am new to the RPCS3 community.

I followed various tutorials on YouTube, and my GPU settings seem to be different than other people's. In the GPU settings tab (in Configuration), I can choose Vulkan as my Renderer, but my only option is 'Intel® HD Graphics 630.' 

Any idea why I cannot choose my NVIDIA Graphics card here? The one game I have run so far works fine with OpenGL, although during FMVs there is tremendous lag (regularly gameplay, however, is smooth). When I check the game's compatibility its status is "ingame," so perhaps it is a problem everyone has?

Anyway, I found a thread from 2016 that suggested right clicking on rpcs3.exe -> run with graphics processor and 'high performance NVIDIA processor' is set as my 'default.' Is this what is being used when OpenGL is selected as my Renderer?