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Full Version: Project Diva F2nd - Video/Music not playing
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Hi all! I've been working on getting Project Diva F2nd running on RPCS3 and I was able to get it successfully running without any glaring issues on my PC. I'm now trying to get it running on my Steam Deck, and the game does not show any prerendered videos nor does it play music - SFX works fine.

It also gets stuck loading when starting a song, but that's probably because it can't load the musicĀ  Big Grin

I've attached my log file here. I can provide more info about the Steam Deck hardware if it is needed, but since it is the same platform as everyone else's, I won't assume it's required. I also understand if Steam Deck troubleshooting is out of the question here - I know it has a lot of software/hardware quirks that could cause problems.

And just to get it out of the way - I am using the official latest RPCS3 build, not the flatpak.