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Full Version: Game saves: 1. Can we ask for them on this forum, 2. is there a section for them?
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As my subject stated, is game save sharing a thing on this forum? I'm in a bit of a pickle. Not sure what happened but I was 90% done playing through a game, game serial NPUA80765 Hot Shots Golf Out of Bounds The Complete Collection. Which is the version with all the dlc and stuff included. I had to delete my save data completely to run the game again. In the future because of this, of course I've realized its a good idea to back up save data files. But that doesn't help me now. So I'm simply asking if someone has a completed save data file for this game. Or if this is something not done on this website, let me know but, it would be a great relief of frustration to get back the weeks of work I put into the game via a save file. Thanks.

Also I've tried downloading a game savedata file for another game, just to test it out, and it makes the game unloadable. I only tried it for 1 game but, I used a game savedata file from 2 different sources and copied/pasted into the correct location and then been unable to even load the game. So there may be more to this than I can figure out, like, the game data needing to be from the exact same version of the rpcs3 emulator in order for it to work. Either way though, there are actually no game data save files anywhere on the internet for this version of the game so I guess it doesn't even matter unless someone has played through the game on this forum and is willing to help me out. Overall once I install and configure a game so it works on this emulator, I feel like if you play it straight and don't use savestates and whatnot, the emulator works fine. We should all just be grateful to be able to play PS3 on a PC, which I am!! But it is unfortunate that saving/loading savestates can completely corrupt your entire game data file. I mean, save states and game data files are separate... and I've never had this happen on an emulator for any other console, but, I'm just accepting I'll have to back things up daily from now on for preventative reasons so I don't have to worry in the future. I put 3 weeks into the game and was in the last 10% of the game when I actually dropped my controller mid shot and lost 2 strokes so I figured I'd use save states to get the 2 strokes back. During saving/loading the save state was when somehow my actual game data got corrupted after finishing the round. So now I lost my entire game data and would have to start over but, I'm just gonna move onto the next Hot Shots Golf game and assume noone has a savefile for me lol. Pretty sick though right? literally 1 drop of a controller and poof, 3 weeks of work is out the window and my game data is wiped clean. Pretty much my life's luck in a nutshell. I'd love to hear of others having similar experiences and maybe other preventative measures they've used. Not that copying files to later replace them is a big trouble or anything but yeah, this was a very weird experience that I've not been through in a long time as far as losing a entire gamesave goes.