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Full Version: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune [BCUS98103] on M1 Mac
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Hello everyone!

Mac M1 User here.. (MBP 13" 16GB Ram)

I'm testing Uncharted (Uncharted: Drake's Fortune™ [BCUS98103]) 

The first time I tried running this, it got to the ingame screen, then I tried to continue and it got stuck compiling (I think it was 2/4).

Ever since, It just gets stuck while loading and it gets no further. I've tried all kinds of settings to no avail.. It always crashes on the same spot and throws the same error. I've also tried resetting all caches.

Thanks for any and all help!
Missing log file, removed the text wall from UI copy paste
My apologies - attaching the log file now

Any ideas?

Much appreciated!!