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Full Version: Tiger Woods PGA Tour '14 [NPUB30931]
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The Digital version of the Standard Edition for PGA Tour '14 was specially released as an Early Access title for subscribers to Electronic Arts' online services; not much is personally known about its history after this, but it has some distinguishable differences from the four Disc versions that make it run differently in emulation: Functionally, this version can be profiled as at least Ingame, as it works virtually the same as its Disc~based counterparts (as well as has virtually all of its issues and errors), but the key difference between Disc and Digital is that Kravicka's PARAM.SFO Deletion Method only needs to be done to the BLUS31063 folder in "home/game/BLUS31063" and not at all to NPUB30931's folder, meaning that you can install the Version 01 Revision 01 ("1.01") update to the Digital builds without reversion to Revision 00.
My Data Logue from Build 14084 ("0.0.23-14084-1fc01913 Alpha (Master)") using my Ryzen 5950X/Radeon VII combo is fully represented in the below broadcast, featuring Episode 02 of Offline Sessions; TPC Sawgrass and Valhalla are incredibly notorious for Texture Glitching and Model Corruption when running under Vulkan, I highly recommend testers and developers to have a thorough look at the program to see some of the more extreme instances of this happening as there is a lot to analyze and this is the most I have ever seen this happen throughout my play of all Twenty venues up to now.

~ Tiger Woods PGA Tour '14 (Digital Version): RPCS3 Data Logues for Build 14084 (Mediafire)

In the event that those of you who view this episode of Offline Sessions early only get to see it in Standard Definition (0360p), please note that it was uploaded to YouTube in Standard HD (0720p) in High Framerate and it is still in the middle of being processed for higher resolutions; I might need to start doing this in Super HD (1080p) if this issue persists, given that HD Processing isn't available for Standard HD anymore (as of 2020), it's an unfortunate sign of the times but it's one I will manage to persevere through.
Follow~up: This build, along with its European counterpart (NPEB01194) allow for File Transfer modding of sorts that deliver a few unique instances; this is done by means of a simple Drag and Drop of the DLC files from "home/game/BLUS31063" and putting the courses and other relevant files into their respective folders, though some will require some renaming.
Below is a list of my findings:

~ DLC Courses: The Eighteen DLC Courses that were offered as part of the Fourteen Courses Pack and TPC Four Pack (as well as the Single Course Early Access bonuses for those who pre~ordered the game via Amazon, Gamestop, or Walmart back in 2013; offering Bethpage Black, Pinehurst Number 02 (Old Course), and Whistling Straits, respectively) will be able to be read by the game when they are ported over to "home/game/NPUB30931/USRDIR/data/courses", though attempting to load any of them from the menu will not allow for them to be played, as you will be left on a Loading Hang when trying to start up a round. If you decide to rename the files from their native .EDAT format into .PS3 and .TOC, as how the course files normally are for the Non~DLC material, you will by default get an Unmapped Memory crash when attempting to load it; modifying certain information in the files via Notepad to instead say "NPUB30931" where "BLUS31063" is meant to be will also not work, as this data likely requires something from the Disc version to function that cannot be done with its Digital counterpart.
~ Masters Historic Edition: Putting the "unlock" folder into "home/game/NPUB30931/USRDIR/data" and renaming ce-unlock.txt.edat to no longer have association with the EDAT format and instead be read as a TXT file (so simply ce-unlock.txt) will enable the Masters Historic Edition by default, granting you access to the six courses that it comes with (if they were put in the "courses" folder, otherwise they won't be in the Course List) and the unique goods that come with this version. Unfortunately, as with the issues with the other DLC Courses, Five of the Six Courses offered in the MHE and also the Augusta Practice Facility will leave the player on a Loading Hang when trying to access, with the sole exclusion of Augusta National (1934); at least all the gear can be used without any issues though, so at least there's some good to this Dual Bladed Sword scenario.

A Data Logue from Build 14141 ("v0.0.24-14141-d686b48f Alpha (Master)") and footage of some of this testing in action is below; all testing was done with the PPU Decoder on Recompiler (LLVM), though I can confirm that Interpreter (Static) does not make a difference for the Loading Hang, it persists regardless of which is used.

~ Tiger Woods PGA Tour '14 (Digital Version; DLC Insertion Mod): RPCS3 Data Logues for Build 14141 (Mediafire) 
~ Tiger Woods PGA Tour '14 (Early Access Build): DLC/Menu Modding Sampler (Highlands Loading Hang)
~ Tiger Woods PGA Tour '14 (Early Access Build; DLC Insertion Mod): Augusta National (1934), Hole 018 Sampler

This is obviously Preliminary Testing, on my part, there is definitely still a lot that I don't know about how this all works and I'd be surprised if we can get the DLC Courses to load proper without the need of home/game/BLUS31063's PARAM.SFO file being existent in its intended directory; if anybody else can help out on doing analysis of this, it would be very much appreciated, it's astounding that I even got this much progress in a matter of minutes and we're one step closer to getting all the DLC fully running (even if by arbitrary means). (: