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Full Version: RPCS3 "hijack" my PS5 DualSense
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First of all I want to thank all the developers of RPCS3, you do a fantastic job. 👍🏻

I have a question that I have a hard time finding the answer to when I google. I have a regular PC with Windows 10 and a PS5 DualSense that is connected via Bluetooth. My DualSense works perfectly in Windows/Steam and many other emulators.

The problem I am experiencing now when I test RPCS3 is that RPCS3 "hijack" my DualSense so that it does not work outside the emulator. I don't know how to describe it, but I hope you understand what I mean. I have set up DualSense in RPCS3 and it works perfectly when I start a game. The problem is that RPCS3 takes 100% control of my DualSense so it no longer works outside RPCS3. Even if I quit/kill RPCS3, it refuses to work in Windows again. I need to restart the DualSense for Windows to regain the control.

This is of course no problem if RPCS3 is the only thing I use my DualSense for, but I also use it for other emulators. But the biggest problem occurs when I want to use Launchbox/Bigbox as a frontend and start a game from there with RPCS3. When I quit RPCS3, the DualSense no longer responds in the frontend. No other emulators I have tested behave like this.

So I have three questions right now:

1. Is this a bug or should it be like this?
2. Is there any setting I have missed where I can change this behavior?
3. If I buy a "DualShock 4" instead, will it solve my problem? (if it is related to "DualSense")

Thanks in advance...
Did you ever resolve this issue? Unfortunately I'm having the EXACT same problem. 

I also use big box as my front end and so having the controller shut off when RPCS3 shuts down is pretty inconvenient. For me to regain control of the Dualsense and use it within BigBox after playing RPCS3 I have to:
-use my mouse and keyboard to exit BigBox (annoying)
-go to settings and re sync the controller
-reopen BigBox

As simple as those few steps are it is really annoying to have to do this after every ps3 game especially when you have a friend over and you want to play games. That whole process makes you look like a mad scientist to some lol

Has anyone on here figured out why the RPCS# takes exclusive control of the Dualsense controller?