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Full Version: RPCS3 Virtual memory
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I wanted to thank you for this amazing software that makes me happy just mentioning it.
I wanted to ask, i was playing Persona 5 and I kinda used a hacky-ish version of RPCS3 (rpcs3_mod.exe) that allows some big mod.cpk files to be loaded and used by unlocking more VRAM than the 512MB.
Such files are full game UI (like everything) and Bustups 4k version, HD Textures mod. I loved the new FSR feature added on lately, but the modded version of rpcs3 lacks that feature. Is it possible for the modded version to updated to maybe like the latest version of the Alpha.(i honestly have no idea who modded that version but it always reffers to the rpcs3.net page).
Thank you.
No idea, we didn't do that custom build