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Full Version: Worse performance on newer versions of RPCS3
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Recently, after coming across a post about poor performance in the JoJo Eyes of Heaven game, I felt like playing it again. I remembered that the game was running at a constant 30 FPS (I have an i5-4460 with 8 gb of RAM) but after downloading the latest version of the emulator (v0.0.15) I noticed how the FPS dropped to an average of between 10-15. The same happened to me in 2 other games that I had already completed at the time: Nier and Demon Souls. Both games were running perfectly normal before. So the first thing I tried was to scan the PC for viruses. Then I checked that there were no programs open that could affect the performance. Finally, as a last hope, I tried downloading older versions of the emulator. I tried one at a time. First 0.0.14, then 0.0.13, etc. until I finally got to version 0.0.6 which worked as well as I remembered. I also tried version 0.0.5 which worked perfectly. Note that all versions were tested with the default settings.

I mean, i dont have any problem playing with an older version of the emulator. But i find it curious that i can play normally with a really old version instead of the newer ones.
Try changing Max SPURS Threads on Advanced to 3/4 for Demon's Souls and enable Multi-threaded RSX for NieR