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Full Version: how to use the .log files?
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I just started testing this emulator, and I have a basic question.  I see that there is a forum section called "playable", and every thread there refers to a specific game with an attached zip file.  Upon opening this, is see that it appears to be a configuration file, only it is titled (gamename).log.  I tried to place this in the folder where the current config file for the game that I am testing is and renaming it to match the old file already in there (I renamed the old one to preserve it).  However, when I started the game, I noticed on the printout that it failed to load the configuration file. 

I probably missed the answer somewhere, but how am I supposed to use these .log files?  Thanks in advance!
Log file lists configuration but it can't be used as a config file as is. Log files are supposed to be opened on a code editor and read. You can copy the config section of the log file and paste it over your own config file, or just compare the main settings and see if anything differs on yours and change it through the UI.
Okay, thanks.