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Full Version: The Legend of Dragoon
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Game runs perfectly, disc swapping only not supported PSN PS1 Classics by RPCS3 yet

given any information for progression, allow for the program advanced 

Methods already used, PBPunpacker allow for EBOOT.PBP decryption/deconstruction -
files DATA.PSAR DATA.PSP PARAM.SFO extraction - for psp .psar dump/decryptor - [lacking functionality personally]

psx2psp / PSNPKG extractor & decryptor (pkg / re-pkg content .cue / .bin to ISO) (extract EBOOT.PBP to .ISO / convert PKG contents) (both lack functionality for specific purpose, use to re-pkg and work in between)

TrueAncestor repacker extract EBOOT.PBP / .PKG file contents (lacking functionality PARAM.SFO / EBOOT.PBP edit)

easy fix -deconstruct .PKG etc. files; create auto-run script .m3u(or other) file(.iso .bin .cue etc..) disc "insert" (swap); reconstruct .PKG -
create change to program RPCS3 recognize auto-run script and file types -implement- changes into update patch

{This is also a good to know for backwards compatibility methods with other programs.}

Related thread - https://forums.rpcs3.net/thread-201806.html
contains log files of ongoing during / reference -or see attachment- [not particularly useful, though still information can consider]

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PSN PS1 Classic The Legend of Dragoon (TLoD.PKG)
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