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Full Version: Advice on a CPU for this emulator
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Can anyone give me advice on which CPU I need to run this emulator well, and specifically NCAA College Football games, which I have read are pretty demanding?

From reading around I believe that you need an 8core/16thread CPU to really run this well.  Intel only has a couple 8/16 or better CPUs to choose from, the i7-10700K and i9-9900K (the others are really high end CPUs that are overkill and way too expensive).  AMD, on the other hand, has lots of 8/16 Ryzen 7 CPUs (1700's from 2017, 2700's from 2018, and 3700s from 2019).  Does it really matter which of these I choose?  I don't want to buy more than I really need.

Or, does anyone think a 6/12 CPU would work well and save me some money?  I have tried an NCAA game on a 6/12 CPU and it had a few freezing issues, but maybe a higher end 6/12 CPU would work?
Any help is appreciated, thank you!
Get the best cpu you can afford, you won't waste money.