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Full Version: RPCN (Demon's Souls): Issues when using two PCs on the same network.
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Quick summary:

Unable to connect two PCs that are on the same network together through games that use RPCN (Demon's Souls).


Trying to play Demon's Souls with my roommate

We can connect to other people without any errors but if we try to connect to each other it will always fail but only through RPCS3/RPCN. Fog wall will go up as will the Summoning Phantom / Being Summoned message. Then it will say Summoning failed or Invasion failed.

If we use two PS3s and connect to Yuvi's server, it works just fine so we know it's not our network configuration.

Log Files:
The log files can be found here under Log Files:
I'm having this same exact issue did you find any way to fix the issue or any work arounds?