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Full Version: GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Demo [NPEB90389]
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This games is now playable on rpcs3-v0.0.12-10893-36ac68b4_win64 you need to [font=Hind, sans-serif]turn on Disable ZCull Occlusion Queris in debug tab to fix the lighting gitch.[/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif][attachment=19973]  [attachment=19974]  [attachment=19975]  [attachment=19976]  [attachment=19977]  [attachment=19978][/font]

[font=Hind, sans-serif][attachment=19979][/font]
Moved to Ingame, Disabled ZCull cannot be used for Playability status, an issue needs to be opened so ZCull is fixed instead.
Also, title uses square brackets, not the curve ones, fixed that.