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Full Version: Importing RPCS3 save to PS3
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Because my ps3 was broken I played my game that I own on disk in the RPCS3 emulator. This is working great, but can play on the PS3 longer, so I want to copy the save from the emulator back to the console. And I will be able to use the functions in the game that requires PSN / internet. + ( cross save to PS vita)

The game in question is: Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd.  The game serial on RPCS3 and PS3 are the same: NPEB02013.

I have done some research, and I ended up on a thread on reddit and another site. But those methods do not work with my game. Or I am just doing something wrong.

When I decrypted a save made on the ps3 with PS3 Bruteforce data and put the secure.bin from RPCS3 in it and recrypted/ rebuild it, I get error 8001051C while copying the save from usb back to the PS3. And while trying something else I got this error: The data is corrupted 80029207.

What I also noticed is that the first 10 rows from the decrypted PS3 save are slightly different compared to the RPCS3 save.

If someone will be able to help me or explain how to do this, I would be gratefull. If necessary I can provide both save files. 

Kind regrads,

I think the first 10 rows are different is because you didn't assign a "owned by" in the save. such as user or console. I could be completely wrong.
The difference in the files did not matter in the end.
After reading the instructions again on the reddit I found, I was able to transfer the RPCS3 save on the PS3.
Reddit Tread that describes the process 

For future reference and/or other people who want to do the same thing:
1. Make a new safe file on the PS3. This way you can use the PARAM.SFD file needed by the PS3
2. Copy the save to a USB stick that is formatted to FAT.
3. Plug the USB stick in your pc and open the save with Bruce force Save data.
4. Decrypt the game data.
5. Paste the RPCS3 game save file in the same folder bruteforce save data opened the save.
NOTE: My game has one file which contains all the info. (SECURE.BIN) It is completely possible your game uses another file type or has the data in an archive.
6. After pasting RPCS3 save file in the folder, click encrypt in bruteforce save data.
7. Put the save on the USB stick and copy it to your PS3.
I did not click on update PFD or Rebuild.

In the Reddit is the process explained for the game Persona 5, which uses a .dat file that decrypts into multiple files. I won't explain how that works as you can read that in the Reddit.