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Full Version: [BLUS30443] Demon's Souls randomly hangs on load transitions
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This hang can happen during startup before the logo appears, and during every loading transition before the loading screen image appears. Most of the time I can't get past loading the save file, but some times I manage to get in-game and I can play indefinitely until I try to load into a different area and then there's a high chance it will hang during the load before the loading screen appears. Seems like some kind of deadlock since the game is still running (FPS counter is constantly changing).

I'm on the latest version of the emulator and I have the 60FPS patch applied, but I have tried it without the patch and it still hangs randomly. I've also tried a ton of different setting configurations and nothing helps. Have tried clearing the dev_hdd1 cache many times after making various changes since I've read that it helps sometimes. I've also tried a clean reinstall of the emulator and game without any mods/patches and that didn't help either.

Logs are attached, let me know if you need anything else, and thanks ahead of time Smile

EDIT: Now the logs are attached, my bad. Did not expect .zip files to be invalid.
Try using BLES00932, there are no region differences afaik and I have yet to experience hangs outside of mods.
Yup, you are correct! Switching to the BLES00932 version works perfectly now. Thanks for that.