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Full Version: Demon Souls slow
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I have encoutered some slow performance (not breaking) at on Demon Souls (BLUS_30443) right at the beggining in the Boletarian Palace, this appears to happen mostly in large areas, its not exactly the number of enemies that is the factor, since in a small but vertical area there were 5 or 6 enemies but it wasn't as slow. There were also some huge frame drops when i broke objects in game

I have been trying to search for solutions in the forum and i have been able to play it quite welll now with some slowdown, but not as much for sure, with this settings:

and everything else on default.

Also using the patch of 60 fps by Whatcookie and Gibbed ver 2.1 and the Disable Dynamic Exposure by Whatcookie ver 1.0.1

My specs are:
CPU  i5 - 9300H
GPU  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
RAM 8 gb

My question is can i do anything else to improve performance wise or it's just my CPU that can't handle it, because for what i reserached it seemed that it should hold its own.

Attatched should be the logs

Thanks in advance for any kind of support.

EDIT: If anybody sees this looking for hardware references, i have taken out the 60 fps patch pnly and maintained everything else. So long i have been stable at 30 fps without noticeable slow down. but still in the beggining of the game
> CPU i5 - 9300H

CPU not good enough
(04-11-2020, 04:34 AM)Ani Wrote: [ -> ]>  CPU  i5 - 9300H

CPU not good enough

Thank you for the reply.