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Full Version: Performance Shortage
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Good day everybody. My English is a little bad sorry. I just wanted to touch on a topic. Currently, God Of War Collection and God Of War Origins Collection are playable, but with Rpcs3 version V0.0.6, I could play these games at full 60 fps and without stuttering. Then I had to delete Rpcs3 due to my lessons. I installed Rpcs3 V0.0.9 exactly 1.5 years later. I uploaded the entire series of God Of War games. But I have good news. I have bad news. The good news is I am upgrading God of War 3de Fps. The bad news is that I am experiencing Fps drop and stuttering in the God Of War series, the Origins Collection and Collection series. The features of my computer are the same. All of my drivers are up to date. What is the problem, I would be happy if you help.
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