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Full Version: Risen 3 - Titan Lords [NPEB01975]
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0.0.9-10007-eb1de04c Alpha

Game gets into the main menu consistently, but is way too unstable to get ingame.
I tried to get it ingame ~30 times but the most I got to see were broken graphics of the story intro cutscene, but it is likely possible to get ingame too.

Also the Intro Videos (Deep Silver Logo etc.) donĀ“t autoplay the next logo after the current one ends, which it does on Real Hardware as far as I know, so you have to skip them with X.

I used default settings, but tried PPU and SPU Interpreters and Frame Limiter, which got me the furthest.

The furthest I was able to get:
usa version ingame
I know, but since I myself couldnt get ingame with the same settings as the person who got the US version ingame, I reported it as Intro. I would assume its just me then.