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Full Version: Shanwan Ps3 Controller Clone under linux
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Hi folks, 
I've a couple of Shanwan Ps3 Controller clone under linux. In bluetooth it was recognized as PS3Controller in rpcs3. It works but when i try to customize buttons i see that it was badly assigned. Default config doesn't work for buttons (only for pads). 
Tried to customize with a,b,x,y combination, Square, Circle, Triangle, Cross combination, no way.

So opening evtest and selecting correct device, buttons respond to :

300 triangle
301 Circle
302 Cross
303 Square

How i can map in yml file? 
Thanks a lot
If i try to make a custom mapping yml and i put 

Cross: 302
Circle: 301
Triangle: 300
It doesn't work.

Please someone can help me ?

If i try to map via rpcs3 it give me : 
square : dead
cross : ry-
triangle : ry - 
Circle : ry- 

What can i do ?