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Full Version: Shaun White Snowboarding [BLUS30223]
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RPCS3 v0.0.7-9202-835892aa Alpha
RTX 2080 (441.20)

Game should be PLAYABLE. Game plays pretty well on my hardware and I'd imagine it gets playable framerates on midrange CPUs. Frames drop a bit in heavily wooded areas of the maps but never becomes unplayable. Oddly enough resolution scaling seems to really affect FPS in this game. Scaling to even 150% produced a noticeable drop in frames, while scaling to 300% made the framerate sit at about 20 FPS. 


If resolution scaling is affecting performance a lot, it usually means the game uses MSAA heavily. You can try disabling MSAA and performance at 300% will probably go back up. Some games do need MSAA to render certain things properly though, but it is quite rare. So that's up to you.