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Full Version: demons souls [BLUS30443] (Black Screen)
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the game after loading screen turn black I can see the hud only and there is sound. 

this problem is only on demons souls im playing silent hill downpour and its working 100%

im using RPCS3 0.0.7-9186-5b9df53c Alpha

this is my specs 

cpu i7-9750h 
gpu gtx 1660 ti 
16gb ram
windows 10

the attachments is broken I tried to add the RPCS3 log but nothing happend
Missing Write Color Buffer as indicated on the wiki page for that game
Write Color Buffer is on, the same thing black screen.
I follow the wiki and couple of guide and the game still doesn't works

its work now this is what I did
Write Color Buffers: true
Write Depth Buffer: true
Read Color Buffers: treu
Read Depth Buffer: true
on the costum confing

now I have another problem the game close full screen for no reason and go to windowed
Don't mess with settings that you don't know what they do

Need a RPCS3.log file as indicated in the guidelines to know what's wrong
I fixed its works 100%

last time I wrote treu I changed to true now its work 100%