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Full Version: PS3 Apps Emulation (ie Filmy)
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I was wondering if RPCS3 would be capable of running PS3 apps.  I use the old app Filmy to watch home movies on my PS3 and it is really easy and enjoyable to use because it shows all my home videos in chronological order with nice thumbnails.  And you can star favorites for easy finding.  It really was a great app that only cost 5 bucks but was never very popular.  I have never seen an app similar for PS4 or any new console or OS since Filmy.

Anyway,  I was just wondering of emulating it is possible and how I would go about copying it off my PS3.  Also, would the emulator be able to access my external hdd of home videos?

RPCS3 can run apps such as Netflix, Crunchyroll, Youtube, Blockbuster, etc

You can try dumping the application as you would dump a regular game

Regarding in-game file navigation, depends on what type of firmware functionality it uses
Hello, Sorry it's been a while but I finally got the filmy .pkg file from psn and installed it in RPCS3.
It compiles the SPU cache then crashes.
Are there any config settings I could try to get it working?

Or is there a log I can view to try to problem solve?