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Full Version: Simplest way to update old PS3 archives?
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So basically I made my backsup LONG ago. I haven't touched my PS3 in years. I also don't want to use the extremely slow FTP method again to simply make a new update of a already backed up game. I have found websites to download PS3 game updates but it apparently requires ALL of the updates in order or else the game gets corrupted in RPCS3. Is there a easy way to update these games or am I just forced to plug my PS3 back in to fix all this? It sounds like the easiest, but still inefficient, is to just download the multiple patch files individually and install them individually. I want to update my games to the most recent update so the compatibility reports are done correctly so there is no variances in performance/bugs when making them.

Also, hypothetically speaking if I skipped like 20 updates for a game and corrupted the install in RPCS3... how do I remove that pkg file to fix this? Lol. Nvm, found it, its in \dev_hdd0\game