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Full Version: Introduction
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Hello Everyone,

I was pleasantly surprised by RPCS3 upon discovery. Just a few minutes away from going to the nearest GameStop to pick up a PS3, I decided (skeptically) to see if there were any Emulation options out there. I only own one PS3 game, Dragon's Crown, which became a favorite after playing at a friends house. Now I play it on RPCS3 with a Logitech F310.

But that's not all. I was so impressed by this project that I began my own journey into development. I've completed the customary CHIP-8 interpreter, am about 7 months into a project for the Sega Master System, and am researching the NES with plans to start coding on 1/1/2020. Because of this, I will also become a regular Patron and contribute to this project. Thank you for this brilliant work of art. One that has inspired me to enter this challenging and rewarding world.