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Full Version: Skate 3 Audio Stutters And Slow Motion
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Im New to this Forum aswell as RPCS3, i just want to enjoy Skate 3 but due to some reasons the audio is VERY VERY VERYY Choppy and the game sometimes runs in slowmotion if i edit the settings a bit. 

Ive Tried Multiple fixes nothing seems to work at all, ive tried SPU Threads Set to 1,2,3 and 4. aswell as tried every combination of options in the adcance settings, turned on audio buffer and time stretching still didnt work. First i had my dualshock 4 not supporting the game,took me 2 days to fix that and now this. Can anyone help with this please ty.

Intel i5-4670 CPU 3.40Ghz
16 Gb ram
GTX 1060 6gb
Your CPU is below recommended requirements, let alone sufficient to run the most demanding Playable game

You need a new CPU for that one