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Full Version: Audio Degredation in Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea
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When you enter the crafting menu of the game, after a very short period of time the music begins to slow down greatly and crackle

but rather than just being a general slow down it has the quirky behavior that every time a new sound is play other than the music itself it corrects for a short time before repeating the issue

a few notes:

1. I've tried many things including those listed in what to do before reporting here (too many to list here) to try to see if any other configurations or recommended settings would change anything however across all of my testing it was consistent across them all exactly as it had started

2. the rcp3 and the game is up to date with patches  ( the game being version 1.01, however unpatched it has the same behavior )

3. you access the crafting menu at the very beginning of the game with your first task.

4. my specs are leagues above the requirements, the game runs perfectly smoothly at full fps however this issue occurs despite having no clear performance connection.

5. I am relatively new to using/testing rpcs3 and despite having this issue consistently since I've started using rpcs3, I've seen no trace of it ever having been reported, so it may have been an issue introduced at some point somewhat recently.

Edit: https://mega.nz/#!qq5wTKLA!yiD0XfUt5Z23a...vWuLHN5icU (due to my attachment apparently not working )

Edit 2: for sake of providing as much more specific, this is BLES02143