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Full Version: Vulkan Color Inversion
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With updates since 0.0.7 I've experienced incorrect colors when using vulkan the only pair of swapped colors I could precisely figure out is blue is displayed as orange and vice versa but all the colors except black and white load incorrectly. This problem occurs across all games I've played and my drivers are all up to date. OpenGl loads the correct colors so the issue lies in Vulkan exclusively.
GeForce 600 or 700 series card?
No my GPU is
Intel 620 HD Skylake version Rev.A released June 7, 2019
Which does support Vulkan.
Note that RPCS3 doesn't support Intel drivers, but it could be related to an issue existing with GeForce 600 and 700 cards as well.
Was having the exact same issue as well, except my GPU is a 600 series. A GTX 670.
This is a new problem for me as Vulkan worked fine before on my computer. I'll make a list of swapped colors for reference's sake as I figure them out.

Pink=Light Silver? color (sorry best that i could describe it as)
"White" Skin=Blue
Note: GL=Vulkan for side orientation
So umm, any updates on this? Just tried the latest version of RPCS3 and the latest Nvidia drivers, and it's still happening.
Nope, still an issue