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Full Version: My AMD Radeon 7500 doesn't support Vulkan?
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Hello! I'm new to PS3 emulation, but not to emulation in general. Still, I don't see an option for Vulkan.

I'll also state that my computer isn't a beast by any means, so I'm not surprised to see poor quality coming out of this emulator (though its still a treat to mess a round with Big Grin )

In fact, the only reason why I'm asking this question is, according to AMD's website and Wikipedia, Radeon 7000+ should be able to use Vulkan, though I guess I could have misread it (the page said 'Vulkan API', I don't know if that's different).

Any chatter about this would be helpful, I won't be disappointed if I can't use this emulator.
7730 and up only.