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Full Version: Cannot create RPCS3.log (error not found)
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Whenever I open RPCS3.exe I get this fatal error message [Cannot create RPCS3.log (error not found)]. I don't know what could be the cause.
I have the Recommended system requirements and my drivers are updated.
I tried re-extracting and re-downloading the winrar file but that didn't change anything.
I am using windows.
RPCS3 doesn't come in a .rar file, it comes in a .7z file. Make sure you download the emulator from rpcs3.net.
Make sure you place the emulator on a normal directory and your system account doesn't have limited UAC permissions.
I understand that. I open the .7z file with winrar archive since its default. sorry with the confusion, but whenever I try to open the rpcs3.exe file I get the error message [Cannot create RPCS3.log (error not found)] ( only after i extract the .7z file). I don't know why this is happening or how to fix it.

Image: https://imgur.com/LaPb2JJ
In what path did you place the emulator
C:\Users\Ahmad Alhussain\Desktop\RPCS3\rpcs3-v0.0.7-8755-a44b1018_win64