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Full Version: Persona 5 Black screen OpenGL
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kinda new to this emulator thing. i got persona 5 and i put it into rpcs3 and i keep getting black screen and freezing.

i've sorta investigated the issue and the game works fine without a renderer(hear me out: the fps counter's still changing meaning it didn't crash), while with OpenGL, it keeps giving me errors like the ones you can see in the .log file. The game stays up but it always freezes (evident by the fps counter being stuck at ~1.2fps).

also i tried to use vulkan but my gpu (Intel® HD Graphics 4400) doesnt support the renderer.

i did try starting p5 with different settings but to no avail; always the same black screen.

anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?
There is no attached log
Also, Intel drivers are not supported, and you have a really bad iGPU, you should get an actual GPU with Vulkan support before trying again