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Full Version: Top Spin 4 [BLES00668] crash with Vulkan mode while loading.
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I want to report a fatal crash that occurs when playing Top Spin 4 with Vulkan mode.  
(F {RSX [0x005df74]} RSX: class std::runtime_error thrown: Assertion Failed! Vulkan API call failed with unrecoverable error: Device lost)

When using Vulkan mode, the game boots up normally and works until the opening movie, but crashes while loading screen just before practice session with 3D graphics rendered.

This crash doesn't occur in OpenGL mode. 

I think that this problem is related with the recent nVidia display driver 436.02, 436.15 update.

I was sure that before I updated the display driver, Top Spin 4 didn't crash in Vulkan mode.

So I did a little experiment to rollback the display driver to version 431.60, and guess what?

The crash with Vulkan mode is gone and the game works again.

I'm not sure whether this is due to a faulty nVidia display driver or a problem that RPCS3 may have.

I really wish for a fix to come out soon!!