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Full Version: Black Screen on opengl when Fullscreen
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I dont know when this issue started happening well, but i was thinking on start that was a issue of guilty gear since it was the only game that i need opengl to work better, but after i test some other games on opengl i get the same issue, when i select opengl i get a black screen when i put the game on fullscreen, if i put it on windowmed mode the image appear, also if i change the screen aspect ratio to automatic or 4:3, i get a black screen even on windomed mode. I test other emulators that use opengl also and i don get any issues so it isnt the nvidea drivers. I hope that this help you fix this issue since you are doing a great work on this emulator Smile.

My Specs:
i5-4560 with 3,4Ghz
GT 1030 DDR5
8Gb DDR4
Windows 10 x64