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Full Version: Bugreport abou newer version and vulkan stuttering
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i actuallly wanted to make a bugreport but maybe im doing something wrong.

1) Demon´s Souls BLES&BLUS wont get past first loading screen after version 8147

2) Demon´s Souls BLES wont run on vulkan without stuttering alltime displays 30fps but it feels like 10-15fps OpenGL runs well.

3) Demon´s Souls BLES&BLUS on opengl and vulkan the Asynch Shader loading is not working still a lot of pop ins

My specs:
9900k @ 4,7ghz
16gbram @ 3600mhz
Rtx 2080 @ driver 430.64
Installed on NVME

my settings:
GPU. write Color Buffers
BLES system German
BLUS system English

THX for all!