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Full Version: Persona 5 / Infinite Loading Times
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So.. here is what I'm dealing with. 

The game runs fine, no problems there.. But for whatever reason whenever I get passed the first save point, and get passed the first cutscene, what happens is my game will be on a infinite loop and I cannot move on.

intel i7 4770k 3.5 ghz - OC @ 4.5 ghz w/ Dark Rock Pro 4 air cooler
nvidia geforce 1070 gtx
16 gb ddr3 ram

Anyways, not entirely sure what is going on. Also it didn't make a difference what build I was using... I tried using older ones and also the most latest one.

Hopefully someone can give me some insight on what to do. I already have the game on console, was just trying to play it on something with more resolution.

Thank you. I attached some pictures at the bottom to kinda show you what my configurations are.
Missing log file
Update your build before getting it