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Hi guys, im a big fan of the SC series as u may notice already and lately i've been so much into SC4, well i just found this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoxjp-PDnpg and discover this hack can be used in RPCS3 which i think is amazing considering the creators of the game removed battle theater mode from the game. the thing is that this hack only works with old RPCS3 version the guy uses in the video (0.0.3) and the not in the version i have 0.0.5 which gives me full speed and graphics, ,y question is, how can i find or discover the address for the current version of RPCS3??, only information i can have from old RPCS3 is the opcodes and ive tried and tried and just dont seem to find it, any help is apreciated, thanks!.
On the latest beta I think you just need to change the address to 3 from 1

100D4F9A7 to 300D4F9A7