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Full Version: Rune Factory: Oceans 60 FPS
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Hello, guys!

Thank you very much for creating RPCS3!
I have just one question I can't find an answer to - is it possible to increase framerate above 30 fps for a game like Rune Factory: Oceans? SNES emulators, for example, had a game timer speedup key, PS1 emulators allowed to increase fps by altering GPU settings. So please tell me if this effect can be achieved in case of RPCS3? I've noticed there are 60 FPS game patches for the most popular games like Persona 5, but maybe something can be done for niche games?

Best regards
The team itself doesn't develop 60fps game patches, you'd have to ask the modding community of that game to make a 60fps patch if the game is locked to 30fps in engine