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Full Version: Savestates
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I was wondering if there's a chance that RPCS3 could eventually support savestates at one point. I rely on them very frequently and a majority of emulators that I've used has this feature. I think it's possible, but I've heard that due to the nature of encryption and the specs on the PS3 that's preventing this, like how large a state could be because of the amount of RAM that's built-in a PS3 console.
Probably not, since you'd have to figure out a way how to serialize and deserialize the whole emulator state, specially when using the Recompilers
Well, that's a bummer as I was looking forward to using savestates within RPCS3. Maybe when the emulator becomes more stable and matures enough that it can practically play pretty much most if not all of the PS3 games there, is probably when this question can be reviewed again and put into consideration.