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Full Version: Are DLC Fix pkg files necessary for RPCS3
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When obtaining DLC pkg files for game dumps (which can range between 10 to 1000 Mb's), I often encounter another DLC fix pkg file which is often only a few Kb's.
Am I right in thinking that these DLC fixes are unnecessary for RPCS3 usage - and instead focused for users trying to dump the DLC onto a jail broken PS3, where a fix would be necessary?

I do not know what these fix packages change within the DLC, but if they are unnecessary for RPCS3 - would they do any harm if installed or am I safe to ignore/delete these fixes?

Thank you,
If you don't pirate the game, you'll never come across those pirate patches.
Dump a clean copy of your game when using RPCS3, doesn't require any tampering with game files.