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Full Version: LLVM recompiler not starting up
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I've recently gotten back to using the emulator and everything has been running well on the ASMJIT recompiler. I've been playing Persona 5 regarding the following problem. Whenever i try to use the LLVM recompiler, I am simply not able to get it to work. It begins to load and then when it gets to  "Building SPU cache" the whole emulator simply freezes and crashes to desktop. I've attached my log below (the TTY came out empty so i did not include it). I would appreciate any help, as I've tried tweaking the settings, redownloading the emulator and came up with nothing that worked so far.
> SPU Block Size: Giga

Never change these unstable settings if you're unsure. Set to Safe.
Oh, that seems to have worked. Thank you for the reply.