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Full Version: I'm looking for some people willing to help me organize data on my PlayStation DB
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As the title says, I'm looking for some people willing to help me out with collecting data for my new PlayStation database. You can view it here: https://serialstation.com

Note that the data is still very much incomplete. There's a ton of stuff missing and there's a ton of data that has been automatically added that needs manual clean-up.

It's difficult for me to open it up to other people (mostly just because I find it difficult to trust random people from the internet with 'my' data Tongue; I want everything to be 100% correct), but it's waaaaay to much work for me alone. Or, at the very least it'll take years. And besides, if I'd have some people helping with the data, I might be able to spend a bit more time on the website itself and add or improve its functionality.

So, I was wondering if I could maybe find a few passionate PlayStation fans here who would be willing to help. And you really gotta be willing to do it; cause honestly it's quite boring work unless you really like data collecting and organization (like me haha).

So, let me know here or in a PM if you're interested and why I should be able to 'trust' you (not meant in a bad way, just for my own peace of mind; I want to avoid trolls breaking everything. I do have backups and permissions and all that jazz, I just want to avoid it).

Thanks! Smile
Hi Landcross

Congratulations super job