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Full Version: requesting Hybrid control
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I'm using XIM APEX for playing console games.
and i saw that you have keyboard support or gamepads support. but there's no option to use them both together. i explain what i mean by that....

On PCSX2 you can set the keyboard & gamepad together to play the game, so if you'll need to switch between them in the middle of the game, you can (you'll have to do it sometimes).but i used it on another way.
i set the DS4 right analog, for the DS2 right analog control & the keyboard for the left analog and the other buttons of the controller. what i got by that is that i can use XIM APEX to convert the right analog to fully mouse support, and i can use
the keyboard on the games and on the PC together (with the built in support on the emulator). so now i can get out of the emulation any time i want and use the keyboard on the PC without the needing to unplug the Keyboard cable from XIM APEX and plug it to the PC every time.

That's why i'm requesting an Hybrid support for that.